Privacy Policy

The privacy policy outlines Amber Graphics’ commitment to maintaining the privacy of our users. Please read this policy carefully to learn more about your privacy regarding your personal information, how it is collected, and how it is used and stored by us.

Personal Information

You are not required to provide your personal information in order to use our services unless you are downloading products. You will need to enter your personal information (an email address) if you want to download a product. This information will assist us in contacting you regarding updates as well as new products and services. By giving us your personal information, you agree that we are allowed to use that information in accordance with this policy.

Non-Personal Information

Once we receive personal information from our users, we will store information such as IP addresses, cookies information, website preferences, and other online tracking information. Using Amber Graphics does not grant you the right to change, modify, copy, or otherwise alter the content, look, or feel of our services. We will not connect any of this non-identifying information with any of your personal information, and we will not associate any tracking information with you.

If you click on any third-party links that are on our website, you are bound to follow the terms and conditions of their own privacy policies. These policies may be different from those of Amber Graphics, so we suggest that you read their terms and conditions before you continue to use their services. We shall not be held liable for any damage that may arise from clicking on a third-party link that is on our website or associated with our services.

Use Of Cookies

When using Amber Graphics, cookies will be installed onto your computer that identify your personal browser. Cookies are small files that are specifically used to store information. Cookies will enhance your user experience. Cookies can also help convey information that may be relevant for future visits. Some cookies are temporary and will disappear once you close your browser. You have the right to refuse any cookies being stored onto your browser; however, refusal may restrict your use of certain parts of our services, and some areas may not function properly once cookies are disabled.

Information Sharing

Amber Graphics is entitled to disclose the personal information that you share with us under the following circumstances:

  • If we need to respond to any legal matters or court orders;
  • If we feel the personal safety of our other users is at stake, or we must defend the rights of our services;
  • If we suspect or discover that our terms and conditions are being violated, and we need to take punitive action.

In order to protect our user’s privacy and their personal information security, Amber Graphics takes reasonable steps to secure the information provided to us, such as by requesting email addresses before allowing downloads. When a user creates an account on our website, it will be his or her responsibility for maintaining their account security.

If a user’s login or personal information is somehow compromised due to a security breach, Amber Graphics will notify the user immediately so that login and password information can be changed.


Amber Graphics uses applications like Google Analytics in order to track and analyze our website traffic and to monitor how our users interact with our services and which of our service are the most viewed by our users. Google Analytics track users on our behalf and inform us of user identification information such as:

  • Which parts of our services users visit most often;
  • The country a user is visiting from;
  • Which language they opt to use on our services;
  • Information regarding their browser, service provider, operating system, and device used to access our services. While we do collect this type of information, we do not upload or store any information that allows us or Google to personally identify our users, nor their personal IP addresses.

Minor Security

We do not purposefully collect the information of children under the age of thirteen (13) as a matter of security for the child in question. We do not encourage them to send or receive information via our services, especially personally identifying information such as names, physical addresses, email addresses or telephone numbers. If we discover that we have inadvertently collected the information of a minor under the age of 13 that has not been verified by parental consent, we will delete the information immediately. If you believe that we have minor information, please send us a direct message so we can investigate the situation and take proper action.

Changes To This Policy

Amber Graphics reserves the right to change or modify the terms within this privacy policy at our discretion without prior notice, as we see fit. It is in the best interest of the user to review this policy occasionally to take note of any changes. By continuing to use our services once a change has been made is a tacit agreement to follow these new terms and conditions.


To help ensure the safety of our user’s personal information, Amber Graphics uses CloudFlare Inc ECC CA-2 to protect unauthorized transmission of information from our services. We also employ the use of firewalls and other security measures.

While we do our best to maintain a secure server, there may be occasions where the security has been breached. In these instances, anyone whose information may be at risk will be notified and we will take reasonable steps to regain control of the situation. We cannot be held liable, financially or otherwise, for any damage which may result from a security breach. If you disagree with this policy, or any of the policies in this contract, please refrain from using our services.